Marble & Brass Charan Paduka Akhand Dia

In Stock
In Stock
  • Delivery condition- Pre assembled
  • 100% powder coating and zinc plating to prevent rust
  • Care instruction - Wipe with soft, dry and clean cloth
  • Shipping free and COD available


Material : Marble & Brass

Experience divine elegance with the Marble & Brass Charan Paduka Akhand Dia & Agarbatti Stand, a testament to intricate craftsmanship and heartfelt devotion. This unique piece blends the timeless allure of marble with the lustrous charm of brass, creating a stunning addition to any sacred space. Ideal for traditional worship rituals and ceremonies, its exquisite design and meticulous detailing ensure it brings a vibrant aura of spirituality wherever it is placed. Sized at approximately 5x3x1 inches, this Dia is not just a functional item but a symbol of reverence and beauty, perfect for enriching your spiritual practices.


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