360 degree Revolving Drinking glass

In Stock
In Stock
  • Delivery condition- Pre assembled
  • 100% powder coating and zinc plating to prevent rust
  • Care instruction - Wipe with soft, dry and clean cloth
  • Shipping free and COD available


Material: Iron

Discover the joy of innovative drinking experiences with the 360 Degree Revolving Drinking Glass, a unique blend of functionality and fun. Crafted from durable glass with a capacity of 200 ml, each glass offers a whimsical twist to your beverage enjoyment, encouraging swirling and spinning for a dynamic taste sensation with every sip. Meanwhile, bring a touch of traditional Indian artistry into your home decor with the elegant Rangoli Urli. Made from iron and adorned in gold, its intricate geometric patterns make a vibrant statement, adding cultural richness and aesthetic charm to any space. Whether elevating your drinking rituals or enhancing your interior ambiance, these pieces promise to redefine everyday indulgence and decorative flair with style and panache.


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